Corporate retreats

Corporate retreats are the best way to bring the team together. Iłża atmosphere contributes to establishing contacts among workmates.
We can offer a variety of integration parties and events, such as knight shows or strategic games.
Extraordinary atmosphere of the past with mouth-watering feast can be experienced by the bonfire.
We guarantee a great time among an amazing company.

Companies can also enjoy additional attractions in our commune:
– historical narrow-gauge railway trip from Iłża to Marcule
– sightseeing Arboretum and Centre of Forest Animals in Marcule Forest Inspectorate
– organizing company picnic in Marcule Forest Inspectorate
– renting cinema hall in Iłża Cultural Centre (354 seats)
– water sports equipment rental at the Harbour (paddle boats, canoes)
– available accommodation in camping houses at the Harbour.

We are able to coordinate everything so that your stay in Iłża commune was as enjoyable as possible.

tel. 511 931 631