There was a fortification on the castle hill.
Bishop Jan Muskata commenced building a fortified castle made of stone.
Bishop Jan Grot will complete building the castle.
Władysław II Jagiełło visits castle chambers for the first time
Archdeacon of Gniezno and deacon of Łęczyca serves his sentence in a tower for the murder of Jakub Boglewski, a nobleman.
Castle burned down in a fire that broke out.
Castle renovation by a bishop Jan Konarski.
Bishop Filip Padniewski conducts a renovation of the Gothic castle, providing it with Renaissance style.
Castle fire.
Renovation conducted by the bishop Marcin Szyszkowski
Inventory of a castle was drawn up.
Bishop Piotr Gembicki conducts renovation works.
Castle inventory.
Castle inventory.
Castle is taken over by the Swedish army.
Swedes were stationing in the fortress, retreating from Iłża, set fire to the castle after earlier robbery.
Castle inventory.
Bishop Andrzej Trzebicki completed renovation works conducted after Deluge.
In a work of Samuel Pufendorf - De rebus a Carolo Sveciae Rege, gestis commentariorum libri septem, elegantissimus tabulis aentis exornati cum triplici indice - a view of Iłża is portrayed – so-called Dahlbergh's engraving depicting the castle hill and the buildings on it in 1655.
Castle restoration by Cardinal Andrzej Lipski.
Castle inventory.
Bishop Andrzej Załuski renovated the castle.
Last repairs were conducted by the bishop Kajetan Sołtyk.
Four-year Sejm decided that the castle is owned by state treasury.
House of the starost at the lower castle and fortifications of the eastern gate were burnt down in a fire.
Fire of the upper castle.
Last residents of the lower castle leave the fortifications.
Lewi Selig Sunderland receives permission to obtain stone material from the castle ruins for the newly established faience factory.
Prince Tadeusz Lubomirski acquires ruins of the castle from the State Treasury.
Zdzisław Lubomirski donated the castle to Association for the Care of Monuments of the Past.
Main tower and the gateway were repaired by the Association.
Main tower constitutes an observation point for the Russian army.
Town and County Iłża purchased castle ruins from the Association.
Main tower is damaged during the firing of German troops in the Battle of Iłża.
Repairs of the main tower.
Commencement of first archaeological works on the castle hill.
Castle chapel renovation initiated by Adam Bednarczyk.
Making the main tower accessible for the visitors.
First knight tournament.
Archaeological study in the southern wings and its renovation.
Archaeological and architectural research in the courtyard.
Commencement of archaeological works in the castle well.
Sounds of Iłża bugle call were played for the first time at the tower.
Opracowanie projektu Konserwacji i odtworzenia części murów zamku górnego.
Początek prac konserwatorsko – budowlanych przy Konserwacji i odtworzeniu części murów zamku górnego.
Opracowanie projektu zabezpieczenia muru przy wieży zamku górnego.
Prace zabezpieczające mur przy wieży zamku górnego.